yey! we’re engaged! it was in December 2003 when Richard proposed to me, but in a not so romantic way (teehee). he just popped the question and that’s it! (madali akong kausap) hehhee…

what have we done so far:

  • picked a date

November 5, 2005 (Saturday) – it will be an afternoon ceremony so everyone will not be in a rush getting made up.

why we chose that date:

  1. November is the month of my birthday
  2. it’s close to December (it’s malamig! guests will not complain! hehehe)
  3. 5 is the day of our anniversary (so why not December 5? (since December 5 is our Anniversary date)… hmmm…ok… December kasi is a peak wedding month, mahirap magbook ng mga suppliers, traffic!!! and besides, our original plan is october, moving it to november is nakakainip na, how much more to December???? wala lang, u don’t really care… hehehe…
  • picked a church

no hesitations. it will only be in Caleruega.

our church! the lovely Caleruega!

  • booked a videographer

i thought it will be hard for me to convince my fiance to get Jason Magbanua, but i was wrong. The instant we finished watching Jason’s video sampler, he said “let’s get him” even if it’s waaaaay out of our budget. Hi price is kinda steep, but everybody in w@w said he’s worth it. So he better be! (hehehe)

  • picked a motiff

fruits, fruits, and fruits theme! lotsa fruit colors, no one particular color in mind. i don’t want it all “baby blue” or “pink” or what-have-you’s. i’m thinking a table set up of a big wooden bowl with real fruits in it, flanked by candles and rose petals.

  • picked a cake artist

Alex Franco is very popular in w@w because of his all-edible 5 layer non-fondant cake. Since our theme is fruits!fruits!fruits!, our cake will be filled with what else, but fruits! yummy!


tell my parents about it FORMALLY!

hindi pa talaga namin nasasabi sa parents ko in a formal gusto-ko-sana-hingin-ang-kamay-ng-anak-nyo kind of way. i told them in the most awkward and unusual way over the phone (they are residing in Davao by the way):

dad: kelan nyo ba kami papatikimin ng mainit na sabaw?

jenee: ammmm…..

dad: wala pa ba kayo balak magpakasal ni richard?

jenee: ammm bata pa kami e

dad: so kelan nga?

jenee: ammm next year…..

Richard was fuming mad (in a cute way) when he heard me told my dad about it. He wanted it to tell them himself kaso ang bagal nya e! hehehe…..

ok so far that’s what we have accomplished. we still have 438days to go…..