ok, so i’m obviously not in a friendly mood today. this is that kind of day when u wanna say “this too shall pass”. matatapos din ang araw and tomorrow will be a brighter day.

firstly, my email crashed. it is one of my necessities. especially at work when everything is communicated via email. we hardly talk here.

secondly, since i am pissed, i needed to talk to someone and that someone happens to be one of my best buddies ryan, tapos nung sinagot nya ang fon sabi ba naman “grabe tumakbo pa ko ikaw lang pala”. actually he just said “grabe tumakbo pa ko” pero ganun na din yun. kakahurt dba?

third, office matters. geeeez. give me something na hindi nakakabobo gawin. actually, i get disappointed when i am being given trivial task. sayang ang binabayad mo sakin!

4th, at 849pm, i’m still in the ofc, finishing some report (which i failed to submit on time because of my latest predicament: crashed email!). im hungry!

i didn’t think i would use the same “this too shall pass” advise today which i gave Richard this morning since he’s doing a presentation he feels he’s not totally prepared at. gusto ko maabsent he said. ilang oras lang naman yan and it will be over sagot ko.

It should be the other way around.