ever had the same feeling of guilt everytime u go shopping for yourself? no? uh, ok. well i do. and i hate it. i mean, hey, i deserve it, i worked hard for it, pero i just feel guilty every single time.

last Saturday, Richard and i went to the mall to do JUST 2 things: buy a gift for his inaanak, and settle some bills. we ended up leaving the mall doing more than 2 things! e sale kasi e! i bought new socks, new shirt, and a brand new shoes!!! mwahahahahha! pero hey, i needed to change shoes no! kasi naman, i didn’t realize na there will be a lot of WALKING kaya i put on my 2-inch heeled mules (jenee next time esep esep!) my impulsive buying is justified, eh?

my new shoes!

tapos, we had a late lunch in one of our fave restos. (si richard, favorite nya as long as there’s overflowing iced tea!) i ordered hot roast chicken tapos share pa kami sa club house. so imagine my tyan no. while munching my food, iniisip ko sayang ang binabayad ko sa gym! waaaaaaaa!

see my tyan?

so ok, enough of my guilt trip. i think it’s entirely psycho (logical).


i just have to get a shot of me with garfield! (crazy ideas come to mind pag walang magawa, this was taken at festival mall, while waiting for verna before watching princess diaries 2).