As we left chowking earlier at lunch, i heard a familiar Christmas song being played at a nearby appliance store in Alabang. I excitedly exclaimed “pasko na!” to my sister who is equally as excited as me. Christmas is my most favorite season. Why? Let me count the reasons…

a. week-long vacation! – Richard and i are planning to spend the holidays in his hometown, La Castellana, Negros Occidental. I am both excited and ner-byus (!) at the same time! syempre naman, i will be meeting my future “in-laws” — mother, father, brother, sister, how do u brush your teeth? este, mother, father, sister lang pala. magustuhan kaya nila ako? yaaaaaikssss kakata-cute!

b. parties! – i will not elaborate. marami talagang parties pag pasko. although i don’t think the company i work with will be having one (e kasi 4 lang kami dito no!), but for sure, kahit siguro 1 party lang may maaattendan ako. kung walang maginvite sakin, ang next plan ko is to host a party of my own! wahahahhahaha…. there will be lots of drinking, videoke-ing, wow ang saya saya (duh!)!

c. gifts! – no, there won’t be a monito-monito in my ofc. but i do hope i get gifts from my 3 ofcmates!

d. and the yearly tradition of my berk-ada to spend the night (of the last day at work) at The Library! No, not the place where there are books and librarian. It’s a stand-up comedy bar situated in Malate. We have been going there 3 Christmases in a row now. It’s this really really small place na halos dikit dikit na ang mga tables sa sobrang sikip nya. It gets really crowded at around 11pm onwards. If you want to get a nice pwesto, come in at around 9pm. hindi pa masyado madami tao, but the 1st set of the show will start na. We usually get a table na malayo sa stage, the closer u are sa stage kasi, the more likely na mapagdidiskitahan ka ng mga bading na stand-up comedians. if you get in The Library, be sure you have enough kapal ng mukha, bawal kasi ang pikon dun. YES. kaya kahit anong panlalait ang sabihin sayo dun, laugh ka lang! di ka naman kilala ng mga taga-dun eh! just have fun!!

Countdown before Christmas: 115 days to go!