bump bump bump.


ok, i watched Stepford Wives last weekend. as opposed to the bad reviews i read, i was entertained. really. it was a great stress reliever for me. but let me just say that this movie is a love it or hate it movie. just like Chicago. Although i find it as one of the best movies i saw, some people hated it (i meant the Chicago ha). ewan ko ba. that, i cannot understand.

going back to stepford, although the plot is mababaw, it conveys a simple message to not mess with your wives and try to make her perfect. hehehe. ok atleast that’s what it tries to tell the audience “in lay man’s terms”. hehehe.. i mean, guys, would u rather be with a submissive wife who dispenses $$$ in her mouth anytime u need it, is great in bed, bakes thousands of muffins in an instant THAN a woman of substance, earns more money than you do, strong and powerful? ofcourse you do! who am i kidding? pero no, ang lame naman nun. sus.

oh well. basta ayoko maging robot.