Yesterday was one of the most relaxing days i’ve ever had for the past couple of months. I had the whole house all by myself. My sister’s whole troop (hubby dante, 2 kulit kids, and 2 yayas) went to see the in-laws from Sta. Rosa, while Richard went off to work (yes, on a Sunday. uuuugggh. i should remind him more of the 3rd commandment harhar). so there i was, enjoying my solitude. it’s very rare that i get this chance of being “alone” since i’m almost always out during weekends. not that i don’t want it. but ofcourse a whole day with only yourself to deal with is a bliss. aaaaaaaaaahhhh……

as soon as they all left, i put on my jogging outfit and walked a few blocks. i walked yes, coz there are many doggies in the streets baka habulin nila ko if i ran. ang sakit na ng dila ko kakakagat e (it’s a pamahiin to bite your tounge when u see a fiercely looking dog coming after you, and it works for me). Interesting, coz i never had the chance to tour the village (and i am living here for almost 7yrs) and this is the perfect time. there are bunch of kids in the streets at an hearly hour of 7am (with muta and all i pressume). after an hour, i headed back home. since i am still at it and i so much wanted muscular biceps/triceps, i did 1 set each of front/side and shoulder press.

i am actually looking forward to watching the catch-up episodes of Amazing Race at AXN kaso, 1pm pa pala. so i decided to do what i failed to do for the past month(s) — clean my messy room. with all the alikabok, i’m glad i didn’t have an allergic rhinitis attack. Pwede ka na talaga mag-tanim sa kapal ng alikabok. ewwwww. kahit na maliit ang kwarto ko, it took me until 6pm (i started before lunch, see how meticulous (a more appropriate term for kupad) i clean my stuff?) to finish my not-so-general cleaning.

buti na lang one of the yayas cooked rice for me. naaawa siguro na baka akala nya i don’t know how to cook rice. marunong ako no. tamad lang. pero infairness, i cooked tuna omelette for my lunch no. sarap nga e ginawa kong sabaw ko yung maggi savor.

during the time i was cleaning my room, i am also watching the latest episode of TAR, tapos the next hour naman pinagtyagaan ko na lang ang CSI Miami (i don’t really dig that pa-cool dude who plays the lead csi there, mas cool talaga si Grissom ng Las Vegas), tapos the next hour after that e Fear Factor naman (Ms USA epi). And FINALLY, at 1pm, the catch up marathon episodes of TAR is on! yahooooossss…. i am really hooked on this show talaga. my fave team right now are ….. errrr… i don’t think i have a fave team. i used to like the maangas team (colin/christie) kaso after watching the dubai leg where colin was really freakingly maangas, i started hating them. magaling sila, yes, they are actually the best team (as evidenced by their 4 time #1 spots) kaso angas e. nuff said.

i cried when mirna and charla were eliminated. although i hated them at one point kasi naiirita ako sa itsura nung normal looking cousin, pero they’re actually smarter and wittier than colin/christie. the farewell speech of charla (or was it mirna? basta yung midget) was so emotional that Phil (the host) was almost in tears.

haaaay! lapit na ang Philippine leg! i won’t miss it for sure yahooooooosss!

after naman the AXN marathon (TAR, CSI, FearFactor), i tuned in naman to the local channel for some dose of showbiz chizmiz. hmmmm… hiwalay na daw si charlene/aga dahil kay kristine hermosa? isn’t she dating diether? and why would she hook up with a married guy? hehehe… i could only talk to myself kasi nga wala akong kasama. oh well… showbiz talaga. so complicated. buti na lang di ako showbiz. hellleeerrr…

while i am “not” enjoying watching amalia fuentes being interviewed by Pia Guanio in s-files and rant about her away with her daughter, Richard called from my celfon asking me what i want for dinner. hay that guy talaga. ever so thoughtful. syempre i said “no, u just buy food for yourself, busog kasi ako, share na lang ako sa yo”. pero nung dumating sya with KFC take out in one hand, i was like naglalaway for chicken. hehehe.

so ayun ang story of my one-day solitary confinement. i should schedule atleast 1 day a month of this (i think Richard won’t mind tihihihi).