Richard and i discovered, that, in the event of a lover’s quarrel (or any kind of quarrel at that), the best way to end it is to follow the following procedure:

1. it is best to realize who got pissed first. The one who did (for the purpose of this discussion, we shall call him/her the pissed), has the ONLY right to stay pissed for the duration of the quarrel. The pisser (no further explanations needed), on the other hand, shall shut up and stay quiet.

2. The pisser shall not, in any pacute-sy way, make kulit “why are you asar to me ba?” if you don’t want the pissed to get more pissed at you.

3. If the pisser thinks that the pissed has already calmed down, kiss the pissed in the cheek (para pa-cute) and make a pa-awa look (if you saw Shrek2, you would know what kind of “paawa look” i mean) until the pissed surrenders to the mercy of the pisser.

disclaimer: this does not work during PMS as during PMS, ONLY the girlfriend has the RIGHT to get pissed (thus, be the pissed).