i must say, this is the scariest pinoy movie i have ever seen (after patayin sa sindak si barbara with dawn z and lorna t). Thinking about how the movie ended still gives me the creeps. I bet people who own a bagua (the red octagon chinese mirror) would wish they don’t have it (or not! they must be laughing at the thought of a bagua taking the soul of whoever looks at the mirror). well heniweys, i think the movie is just perfect for my own taste because:

a. the make-up is realistic – hindi katulad ng ibang tagalog movies na parang binudbod ng harina ang mukha (pero bakit agnas kagad ang mukha when they only died a few hours/minutes nung nagmumulto sila?)

b. the sound effect is very creepy – IT made the movie scary. even the supposedly not scary scene makes it look like it was

c. except for Kris Aquino, all other cast gave a superb acting. Ok not really superb as in drama-cry-cry superb kasi nga it’s a horror movie. Pero they were all natural (except nga for Kris who still has a hard time getting the tears out of her eyes and hindi natural ang pagsigaw nya)

d. the story is original. Ok for those who have not seen it yet (kasi “tagalog movie” duh), it’s about this woman (played by Kris) na nakakuha ng naiwan na bagua (yun ngang red octagon chinese mirror) sa bus tapos lahat ng luck (promotion, large commissions, winning an entertainment showcase sa raffle, inheriting a 5-hectare land from a friend) pumasok sa kanya eversince she got hold of that bagua. but little does she know na whoever looks at the mirror will die. Their death is associated with their birth sign. For example, year of the rat ka pinanganak, mamamatay sya dahil sa leptos pirosis (spell check) or yung sakit na dala ng daga. Moving on, so yun nga, ngayon she is devastated (who won’t????) kasi nga napapansin nya nga na ang daming namamatay but she is clueless how she will break the sumpa.

i seldom watch pinoy movies, but this i highly recommend. go watch and be scareeeeeeeeddddd….awwwwwwwwwooooooo…

“may uwi si nanay si nanay sa bahay……………….

sinabit nya ito sa pader ng bahay………..”