the lady standing beside me in the elevator is not pretty, she ain’t sexy, but she exudes the ‘kikay’ confidence i secretly wish i had. she is all dolled up. not at all insecure with her figure for she carries herself like she is binibining pilipinas.

but why am i not kikay?

=> i am not fond of jewelries. i don’t wanna be dealing with something dangling while im working for it distracts me. i remember i wore this big pink bracelet at work and it keeps banging the keyboard while i’m typing i just have to remove it. necklaces get tangled up in my hair and i don’t think i look good with earings.

=> my work doesn’t require me to meet people. i am what you would call “taong bahay”. i can come in in my pambahay clothes if i wanted to.

=> i easily get tired shopping for clothes. all the changing-and-trying-till-it-fits is not my kind of fun. i would rather shop for home furnitures for hours but not shop for clothes. or shoes for that matter.

but ofcourse, i try to look good once in a while. to give Richard something to look forward to once in a while. seeing him going all “wow” when he sees me with pinkish cheeks is a delight. or a blowdried hair after my monthly hotoil. or a nicely painted fingernails. or a dress! but i can never be your regular kikay. that’s just how i am. don’t get me wrong, i have fashion sense but i’m toooooo tired to apply it.

yun lang. bow.