i want to thank you…..

  1. for taking me to a “sympathy” date during my bday last year which started it all
  2. for flying all the way from Bacolod to Davao to spend the rest of the holiday with me and my family
  3. for learning to cook pesto porkchop, stuffed chicken rolls, and tinola for me coz i’m too lazy to do it on my own
  4. for taking me to the “lovapaloozaaaa” thingy in Roxas Blvd last Valentine’s day although we chickened out kissing in public
  5. for the tulips you gave as a Valentines gift
  6. for growing a goatie coz u know i like it
  7. for always telling me how beautiful i look even when i’m on my shabbiest clothes
  8. for giving me foot massage everytime we’re watching tv
  9. for influencing me to enjoy the tv series “24”
  10. for showing me how u enjoy my dance moves even if u really don’t
  11. for carrying my bag everytime we go out
  12. for not forgetting to say “i love u” every chance u have
  13. for jogging with me every weekends
  14. for how cute you are when you call me “langging” in your sweetest ilonggo accent
  15. for bringing me pasalubong (polvoron from your canteen) even if i don’t ask you to
  16. for playing with my pamangkins, and not forgetting to buy them stikko and chocolait everytime we go to the grocery
  17. for always giving me the remote everytime we watch tv
  18. for giving me space when i need it
  19. for being friends with my friends effortlessly
  20. for being ok with my wanting to have a tattoo as soon as i get a flat tummy

this list could go on and on… i don’t know how much thankful i have to be for you to realize that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. i love you ging. Happy 10th monthsarry.