batuhin mo ng ….. BATO.

bakit ba kailangang tinapay ang iganti mo for people who treats you like shit?

i just had a telecon with the most sungit client we have. i don’t know what her problem really is, but she’s the most difficult person i ever have to deal with. you would think that she’s suffering from PMS every single day. para lang ginawa nyang hobby ang sirain ang araw ng mga taong nakakausap nya.

so anyways, she called, asking me, no, she didn’t ask, she YELLED at me, why i am not answering her email and when her part will ship. i told her “I DIDN’T RECEIVE YOUR EMAIL, IF I DID, I WOULD’VE REPLIED RIGHT AWAY, YOU DUMBASS”. ok i told her that in my dreams, that dumbass part, but most of it is what i said. and i also told her (in a politely said sarcasm (go figure)) that her shipment is on the way.

minsan, kailangan mong batuhin ng bato yung mga taong wala sa lugar. you need not yell back, but don’t let them make apak your pagkatao, u know.

asshole talaga yun. asshole asshole asshole.