ang sarap ng long weekend! at bitin! good thing every other monday this month of November ay holiday! woohoo! while most of you headed to the beach or baguio to relax (aside ofcourse to the cemetery to visit your departed loved ones), i spent it at the most comforting place i ever know: home.

Friday, Oct 29 – after work, went for coffee with my good friend Dave, but needed to cut the meeting short coz we both needed to go somewhere: me to catch the Body Jam class at the gym, and him to meet his girlfriend.

dave doesn’t wanna be identified

Saturday, Oct 30 – met with our photographer, Mimi Abesamis (check out her photogallery here) to pay the downpayment at Glorietta. Apparently, because of the holiday, Glorietta was not jampacked.

– we were supposed to meet my techie dealer at 2pm but as expected, he is late! we just headed to quiapo to buy pirated DVDs mwahahahahhahahahha. There was no traffic so going to Manila was surprisingly not a hassle. Since we’re already at Quiapo, we went to that place under the Quiapo bridge where they sell Pinoy products(crafts /decors/furnitures). If we were’nt in such a hurry to meet my techie dealer (at Pedro Gil instead), i would’ve shopped! shopped! shopped! Next time na lang siguro.

Sunday, Nov 1 – did the usual palengke/grocery shopping (i am getting the hang of it) with Richard and Manang. Going to palengke is not tiring, but making the menu for the whole week is!

– watched an awful lot of dvd movies we bought yesterday. The Punisher (so-so), Raising Helen (dragging, but John Corvett is gwapo!), Open Window (ok lang), White Chicks (nakatulog ako), Farenheit 9/11 (nagising ako!), Garfield (funny), Prince & Me (ok lang).

Monday, Nov 2 – rearranged furnitures, did some research on decorating the living area ( i need to repaint this before my party), did some gardening (kuno!), played with my pamangkins!

what’s keeping me busy

and there’s so much more to do, but so little time!