Probably most of you (filipino readers) already received a forwarded email authored by Bread of Life about the 11 year old girl who “brought honor to the Philippines by besting 56 other countries in an International competition held in Australia (called Intercontinental Science quiz net)” a month ago. The email is long, talking mostly about the young girl’s fate in Australia, how they weren’t able to get support from the gov’t, how they were fooled by a fellow filipino in the airport (taking all their belongings, etc.) how they walked 2 km from the hotel to the competition site (because they didn’t have any money), how they still won the “most creative booth” despite the fact that they didn’t have anything prepared except for their 3pc costume they have on.

my humble brain re-read the article over and over again. at first, im contemplating on forwarding it to my friends OR doubt that there’s any truth to this story. I did the latter. Here are some points from the article i found very disturbing:

a. Being qualified in an International competition is a big achievement that surely, your Alma Mater (in this case, St. James) must have been very proud of, that they are willing to fund for all the expenses of Faye and her mother going to Australia. There was no mention of the school participating in this event which i find impossible (how could her school not know about the physics thesis she submitted in Australia?).

b. Surely, if “Faye” did win among 57 other students, some Filipino would have known about it (it was a “prestigious” academic competition, wasn’t it?). Knowing Pinoys, the media would never miss it (it just wont, trust me). I think it’s unfair to say that (according to the article) “Filipinos have misplaced priorities because they would rather flock to the airport waiting for Jasmine Trias (who became popular from American Idol) rather than to wait for someone who just earned us Filipinos a great honor by winning an academic award in Australia.” Filipinos are proud of other Filipino’s achievement, that’s just it. It doesn’t have to be a question of who we have to be proud of.

and so a week went by. i am not surprised to see both Faye and her mother being interviewed in mostly all news programs and congratulate her and show the “support” that they have missed while competing overseas. Faye recounted everything that has happened to them, their misfortunes while in Australia, and how she , despite all her painful experiences there, is still proud to come home to the Philippines.

but all of these, ladies and gentlemen, are fake. all crap.

Last Sunday, we tuned in to kontrobersyal (Boy Abunda’s late night show) and saw another feature of Faye, but this time, to investigate on the truthness of the story. there was no Intercontinental Science quiz net. It was verified directly from the Australian embassy. There was no record of them leaving the country last Sept 17 (as verified from the airline). Everything that happened to them were all made up. Faye was telling lies at an early age of 11, the painful part of this is that her mom made her. And because of this, St. James withdrew Faye’s full scholarship.

I pity Faye. She’s a promising smart kid. Her mother should have known the consequences. They did not grant anyone an interview after they admitted that was was said were all lies. Nobody knew why her mom made up stories or why she need the sympathy of people who trusted them. If she merely wanted that her daughter be recognized, she could have asked her to join a legit competition, Faye is a smart kid anyway, she would have nailed it.

just my two cents.