I’m going to make a different kind of Christmas wishlist. Instead of listing down what I WANT, i will list down the things i want to give for my loved ones (this is assuming that MONEY isn’t a problem, but apparently (and unfortunately), it is!).

1. for my parents: a resthouse in Davao

for dad: a private nurse

for mom: her own dxn business center

2. for my sister: a shopping spree

3. for my brother in law: an updated chip for his videoke magic microphone

4. for my brother: his own internet cafe

5. for my pamangkins: a closet full of cutie clothes and shoes!

6. for my pamangkin’s yayas: posters of their favorite artistas

7. for manang lumen: dentures! hehehe… and shoes!

8. for my bestbuddies: membership at fitness first

8. for richard: new cellphone coz his current one is so outdated! a new bag, new wallet, computer, DVD home theater and tender loving care!

READ: i will repeat. this is assuming that money is not a problem

so for the meantime, i wish you all the best in the whole wide world!!!