what i would probably get for myself this Christmas are these 2 collector’s items from 2 of my most favorite tv programs who already bid goodbye in the boob tube:

FRIENDS TILL THE END: The Official Celebration of All Ten Years

This is an illustrated hardbound book with photos from the episodes and behind-the-scenes, interviews from the cast and crew and more photos from one of the longest running tv series of all time. This book is totally what you need to try and relive all the good old days, when Friends was about Ross and Rachel, Rachel’s hair, Phoebe’s kookiness, and everything you said had to at least include “how you doin’?”, “we were on a break” and “could I BE anymore …” This is truly a fan’s must have.


this book talks in detail the life of the 4 witty and glamorous female characters of this hit HBO series. It’s packed with tons of photographs and inside information about the series.

me wants to go to powerbooks right now!