i know i’ve updated you about my forthcoming wedding 4mos back, and being the fickle minded that i am, there have been (minor) changes in our plan:

  • wedding date – was moved from 11/5/05 to 11/26/05 due to suggestions of some suppliers. apparently, 1st week of November is still rainy (and windy). we wouldn’t want that especially that we are having an outdoor wedding, so we moved it to end of November instead.
  • wedding theme – ito ang talagang pabago bago ang isip ko. at one point i wanted a fruits theme, specifically because of the image of the cake i wanted (labo ba?). kasi the design of the cake i want is 5 layer with lots of real fresh fruits. tapos i saw in a mag na ang centerpiece ng mga tables ay puro fruits. hence, the fruits theme. kaso, i realized na this will be too costly. tapos i saw in one website naman a very simple outdoor wedding, with lots of candles, tapos konti lang ang flowers. hence, the zen theme.

yun pa lang naman ang nagbago. according to my wedding scheduler, we are still on track. here are our latest updates on our suppliers:

  • Church – booked Caleruega for a 4pm ceremony, downpayment already paid
  • Reception area – booked SotoGrande clubhouse, downpayment already paid
  • Photographer – booked Mimi Abesamis, downpayment already paid. Mimi is new in the biz but her work doesn’t tell that at all. Heck, she’s even better than the pro’s! Click here to see for your self. We haven’t scheduled our prenups pictorial yet, probably a few months before the big day.
  • Videographer – booked Jason Magbanua, downpayment already paid. Jason is one of the most expensive supplier we got. We’ve seen his works thru his sample vcds, and have relied on the numerous wawies who were satisfied with his tremendous work. I hope he’s really worth it!
  • Caterer – pencil booked with Batis Asul, downpayment to be scheduled. We’re already done with the food tasting and masarap naman. They are kapampangan so it’s already a given that masarap sila magluto. The reason why we chose them is because their table set-up is extraordinary. They have really cool ideas on how to go about your chosen theme. Plus, the owner of Batis Asul is the brother of the owner of Balay Kandila who is known to be really good as an Event Stylist.
  • Cake Artist – pencil booked with Alex Franco, no downpayment needed. I haven’t tasted his cake yet, but we only heard good feedbacks from his satisfied clients. For his 5-layer all edible non-fondant cake, his price is very affordable.
  • Day coordinator – pencil booked with Events, et. al., downpayment to be scheduled. The wedding coordinators, Kyte and Debo, are highschool classmates of mine. We will only get day coordinators coz i will be doing most of the legwork (choosing the suppliers). Day coordinators will ensure that the suppliers come on time, deliver the requirements needed from them, etc. etc. and most especially make the bride stress free!

Next thing on our list are:

  • attend demo of Sentimental Groove, our entertainer. It’s a showband, their repertoire consists of sounds from the 70s up to hip hop (i think). They will also be the ones to perform at the church ceremony.
  • canvass for a dress maker – i already have a design in mind of my gown, bridesmaid’s and flowergirls so all i need is a cheap!! gown maker!
  • canvass for a florist – i am not picky. the Church is not hard to dress up coz it’s already beautiful as it is so i just need an arch in the entrance of the Church, flowers in every pew, my bouquet (i’m contemplating on tulips or calla lilies) and the bridesmaids’, flower basket for the flowergirls and bouttonaires for the principal sponsors and the groom ofcourse.
  • select members of entourage and principal sponsors – we have only completed the list of the principal sponsors but have yet to tell them formally. Most of them are our managers/supervisors from our previous company. For the entourage, no final list yet.
  • finalize guest list – this is an impossible mission. We are targetting 150 guests (including suppliers). It’s hard coz there are so many people who we want to share this event with but due to budget constraint, we have to limit the number of people attending this affair. For unmarried guests who have bfs or gfs, it is a rule that we personally know their “date” coz we don’t wanna be saving someone a seat we barely know. For unmarried guests with no bfs/gfs, it’s best they come alone (herhehrhheher). Hey, this is a chance for them to meet other singletons!
  • plan the honeymoon!!!! – nowhere but the beach! (Bohol most likely, but we’re also checking on Palawan and Boracay).

so there! more updates coming soon!