i am beginning to hate Malate.

Richard and i were on each other’s nerves last Saturday night, when we spent an hour (!!!) looking for an expressnet ATM machine! bad trip na bad trip na ko coz i don’t have the patience looking for something at a measly hour of 10pm when we were supposed to be sitting and laughing while the badings make fun of their victim from the audience. hay grabe. eto naman kasing library, “cash only” ang transactions nila! apparently, both Richard and i didn’t bring enough cash as we were expecting the bars there to be accepting credit cards or EPS. Pero naman, who would expect naman na Malate has no expressnet accredited banks nearby. The nearest we could find was in Roxas Boulevard! Imagine we walked from Remedios st. to Roxas Blvd no!

it’s probably high time that we change the venue of our Christmas gimik. Library, you’re OUT!