We finally booked last Saturday The Sentimental Groove, an all-in-one ensemble, who will be our musicians for both the ceremony and reception come our wedding day. Because i trust wawie’s words (that this band will make any wedding truly memorable and unforgettable), we decided to book them first before actually hearing how they perform live. We were supposed to attend a demo but it always falls on weeknights. Anyway, they have proven a lot of wed couples already so i hope they will do the same great performance on our wedding.

Picking a band/entertainer/musician is very crucial (but ofcourse, i am speaking for myself). It can make or break your wedding. If the music is bland, it will naturally bore your guests. We don’t want that. So Richard and I will be very much involved in picking out the songs. There will definitely be schedules of production meeting and rehearsal (of our chosen songs) a few months before our wedding.

We are currently picking out our First Dance song which we want to be sang by my good friend Raine. Jojo (from the band) asked us what our theme song is. Richard and I went blank. Oo nga ano. Wala pala kaming theme song.

Wag na wag mong sasabihin?