I got to try the new LRT-3 last weekend when Richard and i attended the Christening of my friend’s (Jet) 2nd baby. Travelling from Laguna to Katipunan, QC used to be such a hassle until this. We would normally ride a bus (byaheng Cubao) from Alabang, get off at Araneta Center and ride a taxi all the way to Katipunan (because we are not familiar on how to get there by jeepney). This would usually take us 1 1/2 hours. Now with the new LRT3, we will ride a bus from Alabang, get off at the nearest MRT station (Magallanes), get off at Cubao Station, ride the new LRT3 and get off at Katipunan. No more jeepney or taxi rides! What really amazed me is that even the terminal is airconditioned (atleast in Katipunan station that is)!