the problem with my work is, you are required to kiss-ass once in a while. which is really not my “thang”. i am pushed by my boss to be friends with the nastiest person alive (imagine him asking me to accompany that biatch in a spa or invite her to dinner once in a while — what are we gonna talk about? tips on bitching and 10 sure ways to make my life miserable?). since i am a biatch my self, i made all possible excuses just to avoid any of that from happening. wala ata yan sa job description ko (ang magpaka-plastic).

i know that in an industry where there is a very tight competition, sometimes, it all boils down to who kiss ass the best. pagalingan ng pagiging plastic, ika nga. it’s just sad that most people in sales has to learn KISSINGASS101 just to make a sale.

hay buhay. just ranting.