Bakit nga ba kami umattend ng Discovery Weekend retreat? (by KAMI, i meant Richard and me). Maliban sa aagawin nito ang oras ng aming (pinakaaasam-asam) na pahinga, naisip namin na wala na kaming kailangang idiscover pa sa isat-isa. We talk about everything under the sun. We spend time almost always everyday. We easily deal with relationship issues because we think we’re mature enough to not mind the little and petty things.

Or so we thought.

E bakit nga ba?

Aside from it being a church requirement (this is an alternative to pre-cana seminar given by your church), our curiosity kicked in. Marami kasi kaming kilalang engaged couples na excited magkwento tungkol sa naexperience nila dito. So we gave it a chance. Actually I gave it a chance. Pinilit ko lang si Richard na sumama sa kin kasi ang sagwa naman kung ako lang mag-isa diba. So i convinced thim. We shelled out 4k to attend this 3 day retreat at Quezon City (inclusive of food and lodging). I told him it’s a nice way din to celebrate our 14th month anniversary.

I will spare the nitty gritty details, just so my readers who are interested in attending will not be spoiled. All i can say, it was seriously, very worth it. There were unexpected flow of emotions. I was happy of how it turned out, especially i was happy with Richard coz after the retreat, he was more excited than me. He was more inspired than me. He was more serious (shame on me for insisting we play a guess-the-movie-title game instead of concentrating on our couple dialougue , i know). And i’m even loving him more than he’ll ever know.

to know more about the retreat, visit the Discovery Weekend website.