We met with our cake supplier, Alex Franco, yesterday (yes..goodfriday) at Coconut Palace and finalized our booking with him for our November wedding. He gave us his old price since we booked him since last year! Good thing with Alex, he doesn’t require any downpayment. He’s very down to earth and very low profile despite his being famous among many brides-to-be. He doesn’t advertize (he doesn’t need to, BELIEVE ME) and get orders through word of mouth alone.

Aside from finalizing our cake design, he did what he usually does among his clients: give a lecture on the correct way to cut the cake! it’s not as easy as you think it is, mind you! you must cut the correct size of (slice of) cake which should fit 3/4 of your plate, and that slice should be standing.

As always, we get to taste a free sample of his very delicious Black & White cake which kept me really curious (since last year!) since i always hear how yummy his cakes really are.

And now we are contemplating: to serve or not to serve the cake on our reception dinner? I’m feeling selfish right now i want all 5 layer all by myself!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this is how our cake would look like except that it is 5-layer, all white with real red fruits!!!

Photo courtesy of Alex Franco