saw yesterday the 2-hr back-to-back episode of the amazing race. definitely one of the best episodes in the whole history of TAR (because the best for me is still the Philippine leg from season 5). i am loving the brothers more and more. i want them to win but based on the spoilers, they probably won’t even be in the final 3 (but then again, spoilers are not 100% accurate). anyways, good to see ray and deanna go (sama ugali kasi, nakarma tuloy hahaa). some footrace huh?! i read from other TAR forums that part of the reason why ray & deanna lost the footrace was because they weren’t psychologically prepared. they didn’t know that the brothers were right behind them (kasi ang kapal naman ng alikabok so there was like a zero visibility (haha) of what’s behind them. e the brothers knew all along na they have to catch up with ray and deanna, kaya when they parked their cars, they left their bags and started running, kaya naman r & d were surprised nalang na andun na pala ang brothers.

anyways, romber just lost a fan. didn’t even have the decency to roll down their windows to check if the brothers were ok (during the accident) because according to rob “it’s a race”. you jerks. i hope you get yielded or philiminated next!