this post is long overdue. been busy with the wedding preps, hunting for a florist, coutourier, caterer, etc.. etc..

Went to Caleruega 2 Saturdays ago with Richard, Jho and my mom to see the church arrangement of Flowers of May. I met with Evelyn Legaspi, one of the owners of FOM and we talked about my ideas for the church (aisle garden, only RED & WHITE flowers, rose tree as altar arrangements, basket of roses in a native basket hang in every pew, arch with twigs). For the bridal party, red tulips for me and calla lilies for my bridesmaids and secondary sponsors. But all these may still change, knowing how fickle minded i can get.

My comments with their arrangement: nothing extra ordinary.

Why i may not be getting them:

  1. Their arch has a hanging tela at the end which is somewhat worn out already so i specifically advised her i don’t want to see any tela in my arch, or anywhere for that matter.
  2. Considering that we went there in the morning, their flowers are somewhat wilted already when you look really closely.
  3. The flowers of the bridal party are just placed in a big box. Their flower petals is placed in a clear plastic bag. It somewhat turned me off because i atleast wanted to see them in a nice basket.

Why i may still be getting them:

  1. Reasonable price
  2. no out of town charges
  3. very flexible, will work out on your ideas and budget
  4. a one-stop-shop (they can also provide the butterflies, red carpet, bridal car, house for the bridal party)

Here are a few pix we took:

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