stolen from Dionne Marga M. Morales, a W@Wie (hi dionne! nice one!)

10. You start reading an average of 50 emails a day… or at least try to.

9. You start referring to yourself as a w@wie.

8. You take your wedding preparations seriously and try to devote 70% of your life to it.

7. You know the Weddings at Work website like a back of your hand.

6. You start recommending the w@w website and yahoogroup to your soon-to-be married friends.

5. You know what MIL, H2B, DIY, TMU, OTD means.

4. You unconsciously sign your e-mails to your non-w@wie friends with your name, fiancés name, date of wedding, ceremony, and reception venue.

3. Finishing your suppliers’ rating is a dream… other than the wedding, of course.

2. You are now maintaining a blog.

1. Benz is not just a car to you.

Hi! I’m Jenee and I’m a w@waholic!