After reading the best-selling novel of Dan Brown “Da Vinci Code”, i got totally interested in Leonardo’s paintings, specifically The Last Supper, Madonna on the rocks, and the Monalisa. Since Richard is going to France anyway, i persisted him to not forget to visit the Louvre Museum (like he did the last time he visited Paris in April!!!). Richard did not fail me. Good thing he needs to go to Paris anyway, for his medical exam (so his transpo is shouldered by the company — first class train seat pa!!) kaya dumaan na talaga sya sa Louvre museum (or more commonly known to french as Musee de Louvre) to satisfy my dream (although he promised he’d take me there —- awwwww… wishful thinking!!!).

Here are some pics!

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The glass Pyramid, it is the focal point of the museum’s main axes of circulation, and also serves as an entrance to the large reception hall beneath

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Richard with the Monalisa painting behind him (flocked by a lot of tourists)

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a closer shot of Monalisa, it is believed to be no one else but Leonardo himself

have u learned something new today?