i hope somebody from Tater’s ATC would read this post. ehhehe.. not that serious though. i felt i was robbed of the “butter syrup” in my popcorn which i ordered last Sunday before seeing the movie Bewitched. you see, the butter flavored popcorn in Glorietta 4 is so buttery that i can’t get enough of them! i was super excited when i ordered for the buttered popcorn in ATC coz i figured it’s just going to be the same as in G4. Was i wrong! hay naku. nakakalahati ko na ang popcorn ko, hindi ko pa din mafeel ang pagka”buttery” nya. lumalagkit lang ang mga kamay ko pero i didn’t feel as satisfied as what i get from Tater’s G4. so kahit masira ang panonood ko ng movie, i went out and demanded for my butter (!!!) to the tater’s girl. they gave in naman coz i was demanding politely. i told them “bakit sa G4 mabutter? bakit dito hindi?”. so dinagdagan nila ang butter. kaso, talagang iba ang pagkabuttery nya e. not like in G4. SO not like in G4.


another one of jenee’s kababawan