in watching movies, that is.

i am pretty much “bato”. it has to be a really emotional scene for me to shed a tear. i couldn’t even remember when i stopped crying in movies. my sister would kid me that she doesn’t want to go with me to the movies kasi wala daw ako reaksyon or emosyon. take for example the movie “a walk to remember”. alam ko namang drama sya, pero not enough drama para mapaiyak ako. tinanong nya ko “di ka ba naiyak?” sbi ko “hindi, ano ba ang nakakaiyak na scene dun?”. another example would be “must love dogs”. i watched it last Saturday with my sister in law Verna. she cried at one scene where diane’s character swam her way to John’s boat para iexplain sa kanya ang nangyari. Verna asked me kung naiyak daw ako dun. as expected, i told her “no”.

what is wrong with me????