my visa got denied. i learned about it the day before the wedding. no paris honeymoon for us. worst, we will both be celebrating our first Christmas and new year as husband and wife without each other. it’s such a disappointment, i know. we have so many plans. sayang talaga. inisip na lang namin, there is a reason for all of this.

anyhoo, good thing my brother lent his laptop to richard para naman we can chat everyday. he bought webcams too and headset for himself so we can talk.

this morning, i logged on as early as 7am, and surprisingly, richard is online! it’s 12mn in Caen. he just got home from dinner hosted by one of his french bosses. he said he’s going to keep his webcam on so i can see him sleep hehehe.. i took a snapshot of him shhhhhhhhhh….

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sweet dreams, ging.