prenups pictorial shoot: originally nov. 15 but was moved to nov. 23, 2005

prenups pictorial location: Enchanted Kingdom

costume: dark violet shirt for me/light lavander shirt for richard + jeans + sneakers

make-up: Mr. Rey of James Cooper Festival Mall – contact# available upon request

we were originally set on a nov. 15 prenups pictorial (incidentally my birthday, and a Tuesday). pero nung morning pa lang, i know something is wrong. we had a very tight schedule that morning coz we needed to rush to Alabang to change some euro and deposit it in the bank and meet with my florist right after to finalize some details and pay him in full. tapos, i still am not sure who will do my make up kasi i just realized na i had to put atleast a little make up on pero im not really serious on booking my make up artist pa for this pictorial. so i didn’t bother sujee na. we had a quick lunch. tapos that afternoon palang kami nagcanvass ng mga salon sa festival mall ! talk about cramming! we ended up with Ystilo kasi they’re the cheapest (same with James Cooper kaso they don’t accept credit card e we don’t have enough cash that time). so yun. i told the make up artist, im having a pictorial to be shot at EK so dapat super light lang. yung super light nya, hindi super light. para akong aattend ng debut. at ako ang debutant. richard didn’t like it. but what the hell, wala na kami magawa. we’re running out of time. we were supposed to meet with mimi and karl at EK by 230pm. we got there on time naman. pero nagtataka kami, bakit walang nakapark na sasakyan. it’s a tuesday. i didn’t think EK would close on a weekday. but apparently, they do! bweeeesett talaga!!!! mon-tue closed sila. pero by december, open na sila buong week sabi nung security guard dun. as if that matters to us now! grrrr…. well, that’s partly my fault. i assumed kagad that they’d be open without checking out their schedule in their website. haaaaaaaayyyyy….. so i called up mimi and told her the bad news. hiyang hiya talaga kami. how could this day go wrong? bday ko pa naman. mimi told us na it’s ok and we just have to reschedule to next week. this time, on a wednesday.

so to make the long story short, natuloy din naman ang prenups namin the following week. pero my gawd, ang daming nagfieldtrip!!! ang daming tao super! we had to wait in line for atleast an hour para maka-pagrides lang. pero all’s well that ends well. happy naman kami na natapos din! at hindi biro ang 4 hrs na pictorial! nakakapagod ngumiti! buti na lang we chose EK coz we have reasons there to laugh, smile, look goofy which is good sa mga candid shots (which i prefer over posed shots).

here are some pics from the pictorial! enjoy! to view more, click here!

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richard:(pabulong) ang ganda mo, ang sexy mo, ang bango bango mo

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at the rollercoaster

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isinusumpa ko talaga ang anchor’s away