I wanted something unconventional. Not the usual 3-leaf invites, not the usual wordings. Basta kakaiba lang. When we visited Mang Virgil in his shop at Las Pinas, i saw something i liked. It’s a book-type invite. Pero we did many revisions to enhance it to look more elegant. I chose the darkest shade of violet para makita talaga ang contrast ng color nya with the white fossilized leaves in the cover. The text will be printed in a tracing paper tapos ang pinakabackground nya is handmade paper with leaves din. We have 8 pages of tracing paper and 8 pages handmade paper as background. Tapos i asked him to put a small pocket sa back cover nya to hold the bridal registry cards.

The invites comes with a box. Pero limited lang kasi mahal ang box e hehehe… i provided boxes for the principal sponsors’ invites and the invites which will be shipped via courier.

The price: reasonable for a design that intricate. Ang biro ni Mang Virgil sakin when he delivered the invites, di na daw nya ibibigay ng ganung price ang invites ko hehehe… mahirap daw gawin. Madami syang clients na nakita yung invites ko and gusto nilang gayahin (yabang mode hehehe).

The glitch: i had to reprint 2 pages each invite. Malabo kasi ang entourage page and the map. It had cost me tracing paper and ink. hehehe.

The Misalette hard cover: Maganda. May bookmark pa sya na braided sinamay and fossilized leaf. Basta maganda sya. Sobra pa nga yung binigay ni Mang Virgil. It’s either that or nagkamali lang sya ng bilang hehehe…

Yung pinaka-misalette, that’s DIY by yours truly. I bought lavander paper sa Nat’l Bookstore lang tapos ako na ang nagprint. Ako na din ang nagtype set. The template i got from w@w files.

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hinanap ko pa tong free “carpenter” font na to sa web.

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i got this program image from

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