There’s not enough words to describe the beauty of this chapel. Nung una pa lang, despite its distance (it’s situated at Batulao, Batangas) and the price it will cost us, we already set our mind and hearts that this is where we will get married. Its smallness made the ceremony very solemn. The altar is very elegant that you don’t actually need to dress it up because it’s beautiful as it is. We are so happy we made the right decision to pick this place to hold the ceremony.

Anyways, for those thinking of getting married here, the cost of the chapel does not include anything (yes that’s right) except the use of the chapel. no red carpet, no flowers. It didn’t really matter to us coz i have the freedom to choose the design/set up/flower arrangement for the church. Yun nga lang, medyo pricey sya considering wala pa syang flowers and red carpet. Pero really worth it naman i assure you.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Picking this venue was actually Richard’s idea. I originally wanted Royale Tagaytay pero it’s not everyday that Richard requests for something wedding-related so i gave in. I’m not saying i don’t like the place. It’s just that i’m afraid that it might rain and ruin everything hehehe… The clubhouse is spacious, it can accomodate 150 guests and it has a swimming pool (pero we can’t use it hehehe). Mabait ang mga kausap ko dun. They’re very accomodating. It’s actually under the umbrella of Royale Tagaytay so dun kami nagpupunta. Come wedding day, the only glitch was walang ilaw sa labas, walang ilaw dun sa signage ng Sotogrande. So ang dilim dilim. Di ko nga alam how our guests were able to figure out where the place is kasi i don’t think the map helped hehehe… gabi na kasi natapos ang ceremony. Another glitch was syempre, the possibility of rain. Which actually happened for about mga 3minutes lang naman. hehehe… so all’s well that ends well hehehe… The helper assigned by Sotogrande is accomodating with our requests too. We asked for spotlights instead of soundsystem na usually kasama sa binayaran namin and they gladly obliged. So i would highly recommend this venue pero not on rainy days, ok?