When other brides don’t care much about their wedding cake and opted to just take the free cake in their caterer’s package, it’s a different story for me and richard. I loooooooove cakes. That’s why big deal sakin ang wedding cake. And getting Alex is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made during the entire wedding planning and budgeting. Although his price is pretty reasonable for a 5 layer all-edible non-fondant cake (compared to others na out of the 5 layers, 2 layer lang ata ang edible, fondant pa), mahal pa din. But as all the other pricey suppliers which i highly recommend, it’s worth it. Very worth it.

When we met with him for the first time to discuss the design and the flavor of the cake, he gave us a free mini cake to enjoy (parang cake tasting na din, pero actually you don’t need to do a cake tasting na pag si Alex ang gumawa ng cake that i assure you). Meron pa kaming tutorial on how to properly cut the cake.

He gave us a mini cake as a wedding gift, tapos kasama sa package nya are real fruits and flowers (ay separate fee pala yun hehehe) and 30 brownies na pinamigay din namin. During the reception, masama man sa loob ko (hehehe) we shared the 2 bigger layers with our guests and inuwi namin ang 3 remaining layers. I also ordered 4 mini cakes na binigay namin sa mga female principal sponsors namin.

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we are still debating kung black grapes ba ang tawag dyan. but it sure tasted like grapes.

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