I’ve known Kyte since 1st grade. Aside from being classmates, we used to be neighbors in BF P’que, so dealing with each other re the wedding details has never been a problem. I can say that i have no regrets getting her, instead of the seasoned coordinators in the wedding industry. I’ve always known her to be very organized, focused, and creative. She never failed me (along with Debo and Jen who makes up her team). They practically absorbed the pre-wedding jitters i’ve been feeling (and the stress —– will it rain? will the suppliers come on time??? will it rain????? and lastly, will it raiiiinnnn?????). Kasama na namin sila a day before the wedding nung umakyat kami sa Tagaytay. Which is a good thing coz we were able to wrap up the final details of the programme, etc.. etc.. As early as 630am on my wedding day, they are already up and ready! We set up the manequin and the gown. Pinlantsa and binlower pa nila ang napakahabang train ko dahil medyo lukot na sya sa pagkakafold sa box. Nakapagmeeting pa ang mga entourage who are already in the resthouse led by Kyte. Kyte called up the suppliers who are supposed to go to the resthouse and asked their whereabouts (medyo mahirap kasing hanapin ang resthouse e hehehe). They made sure we follow the schedule. They made sure everybody (including the suppliers) grabbed something to eat. Debo patiently fixed the hair of one of my flowergirls kahit na sinasampal sampal sya (hehehe, bad juliah!) Basta they made sure everything is taken cared of. And that’s what a coordinator should make a bride feel on the day of her wedding.

There were glitches, yes. But those were tolerable and i’m fine with that. A bride should learn to deal with imperfections (as long as it’s tolerable hahaha) because realistically speaking, no wedding is glitch-free!

The reception was fun, thanks to kyte who is also our emcee. I told her i want an informal dinner kasi, di naman mga super formal ng mga guests namin. We don’t want them to feel stiff, we want them to have fun! Kyte suggested na instead of table numbers ang ilagay namin sa mga tables, why don’t we put mga names or events or trivias about me and Richard. Bale ang mangyayari, parang papahulaan ni kyte yung trivia na sasabihin nya. Tapos kung yung answer sa trivia is yung name ng table nyo, kayo na ang next for the picture taking. It was a great idea. Kasi yung mga guests namin, habang hinihintay ang turn for the picture taking, talagang nakikinig sila, eager to know kung sila na ba ang next hehehe (and nagkakaron pa sila ng information about us hehehe). Ok sya e ksi unlike the table # na kawawa naman yung last table # kasi alam na nila kagad na sila talaga ang last na tatayo. Dito, binubunot ng emcee yung trivia kaya fair sa lahat hehehehe…. One example of the table name is PIRATES. Why pirates? Kyte first gave the description for the guests to figure out: Did you know that Richard & Jenee should both be arrested in buying pirated DVDs in bulk at Quiapo? They have the complete series of 24, CSI, Friends, SATC, and Band of Brothers. (The table names were printed in a thick lavander paper, cut and laminated at Nat’l Bookstore. VS&F provided the clips).

Their fee? Presyong kaibigan hehehehe… But i believe kung sa iba e reasonable pa din ang presyo nila.

Oh, and by the way, if you need a choreographer for your first dance, Debo is the girl to look for. Eversince highschool sya na ang resident choreographer namin for the school presentations. She actually taught me and Richard the steps for our first dance, The Way You Look Tonight. Kaso i chickened out and did not do the “dip”. hehehehe….

If you are interested in their services, their contact # is available upon request.