I saved what seemed to be the hardest to rate for last. I got Flowers Unlimited, the exclusive florist of VS&F 2 mos before the wedding. I was actually already booked with Flowers of May (both for the entourage and church) but i had a problem dealing with FOM so i decided to switch to Flowers Unlimited instead (for the church arrangement that is). Mabait kausap si Roland. And he gave me a pretty good price. Wala naman talaga akong masabi sa set up sa reception (ito yung sinasabi ko sa previous post ko re VS&F’s exclusive florist who were very generous with the roses). Kahit naman sa church. We talked about the church arrangement: i only want roses and greens. i want candles in small votives in both sides of the aisle over scattered red and white rose petals. i want candle holders with roses for my unity candle. i want a plant box with red roses in the altar. i want bamboos (about 8 at around 5ft each) in the aisle and near the entrance of the church. They delivered everything. Nung pumasok ako sa simbahan, it was so enchanting. Especially with the effect of the lighted candles in the aisle. With the tall bamboos on the side. Para kang hindi nasa simbahan.

When i thought everything is so perfect, after we were presented as husband and wife, after the kiss, we got ready for the picture taking. Dun ko lang napansin what could be my worst nightmare. Yung pinakabottom ng bamboo, were covered in red and white plastic!!! yes, the kind you see in the market!!! talagang nilakihan ko pa ang mata ko para makita kung tama ba talaga ang nakikita ko, red and white plastic????? infairness, naka-cover naman sya sa transparent colored na sinamay. I was so disheartened. It may seem mababaw pero i reiterated with Roland to cover the bamboo with something nice naman. Atsaka, sayang with the photo ops! I had to delete every picture na super obvious yung plastic at our photographer’s wedding gallery kasi panira talaga. Sobrang sayang. Ok na sana e. It was so obvious. Nagtataka nga ako bat di ko kagad napansin nung nagbridal march ako pero nung patapos na, and when i saw the pics, panira talaga. Gusto kong umiyak but what can i do? Naiinis ako ksi parang iniisip ko, habang nilalagay nila yun na iniisip nila, wala lang, di mapapansin. i mean, Roland knows how meticulous i am pag dating sa ganyan. He should know na pangit sa paningin ang red and white plastic. I texted Roland a day after the wedding kasi i saw the pix from my brother’s digicam and nainis talaga ako. I actually told him na he did great with the set up, dissapointing lang yng sa bamboo, but he never replied to apologize. Kaya naiinis lang ako. If not for that, perfect rating na sana ang ibibigay ko sa kanila. Nasasayangan lang ako with the pictures. Kasi ampanget talaga pag kasama yung plastic. huhuhuhu….

I would still recommend Roland, kasi the flowers he provided are in full bloom. Pero sana next time, ewan ko, probably he wasn’t there to assist, pero even if i reiterated that one specific detail and nakalimutan pa din, what can you do? But i would still recommend him. Siguro i’m just one of his unlucky clients who has to deal with this.