In behalf of my hubby Richard, we would like to thank EVERYONE who took time to travel all the way up to Batangas and Tagaytay to take part in our wedding. We really appreciate it. You really made our wedding truly memorable.

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special thnx to:

a. to both our immediate families, for putting up with us (especially me) during the last week of the preparations. tnx for helping with the misalettes and running some errands. tnx for all the support!!!

b. To Father Thom, who graciously accepted to be our wedding celebrant, even if he has to travel from Bataan.

c. Manong Binggot (Richard’s cuz) who let us use their very gorgeous resthouse in Tagaytay for 3 days. Thank you for being so generous and accomodating. Thank you for preparing extra food. Super tnx!

d. tnx to Philip, Sir George and nong Binggot for accepting to stand as proxy (abay and principal sponsor) in such short notice.

e. to our suppliers, for doing a great job and for not giving me a headache on the day of our wedding! much appreciated! hehehe…

f. to my sister (and MOH) Jho and Dante for providing extra transpo during the wedding, for letting us use your Pajero as our bridal car, for accompanying me to some of my supplier’s meetings..

g. to our eucharistic sponsors (commentator, readers, offerors), thank you for accepting the role.

Maraming maraming salamat!