you would think i have a hang over from Christmas and Newyear celebration? nope… it’s been over a month now and i still can’t stop thinking of the memories from our wedding. let me share some of them to you:

a. the arrival of my hubby Richard from France two weeks before the wedding

b. the arrival of Richard’s immediate family from Negros a week before the wedding. this is the first time that both sets of our parents will meet. They stayed at our house in Binan, Laguna.

c. the arrival of my brother’s family from Davao a few days before our wedding

d. staying at a very gorgeous resthouse in Tagaytay (owned by Richard’s cuz) with all our families, some friends, and coordinators on the eve of our wedding until the day after our wedding.

e. my frustrations during the wedding — praying it won’t rain, that the suppliers come on time (i had all these wedding nightmares that my suppliers won’t make it to my wedding!!)

f. my sister almost forgetting the rings!

g. the run away bride effect – i didn’t really know what happened here. i was at the church on time. nagtataka ko why its taking them so long to call me for the line up.. lo and behold! when i was instructed to climb up the stairs na, wala na ang buong entourage dun! so people inside were starting to ask “asan na si jenee??”. imagine the look on richard’s face hhahahahha… akala nila di na ko tutuloy talaga ehehhehe…

h. my wedding march – it put me to tears, really. the voice of TSG is really heavenly.

i. the very solemn mass

j. the vows which put all our female entourage and parents to tears. after reciting them, i heard sniffing from behind. kakatuwa. they all look funny sa pictures! hahhahahha….

k. the Our Father song – nakakapanindig balahibo

l. my secondary veil na ayaw umayos sa pwesto. my MOH (my sis) has to fix it almost every minute hehehe…

m. our kiss! richard made it look more romantic — sumukob kasi sya sa veil ko hheheheh…. sa pictures it looked like a long kiss pero hmmm i don’t know.. i can’t remember.. and it looked like i dipped a little hahaha….

n. our presentation as husband and wife – TSG put a little drama in it. after Father Thom presented us, they immediately sang the chorus of “i love u more today than yesterday”. it was fun! hehee…

o. how VS&F turned Sotogrande into a very beautiful reception place. so lovely. everything was perfect.

p. everyone was raving about the food! richard and i weren’t able to eat during the reception and only had a taste nung nasa resthouse na. we took home the excess food and cake!

q. the speeches – we asked 4 of our loved ones (my sis, sis in law, my dad and richard’s bestman) to give short speeches lang. they were all meaningful. i saw one of our ninangs cry during my dad’s speech hehehe…

r. my brother shouting at everyone’s delight “CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES!!” after the toast. hindi daw kasi namin sya pinagspeech kaya sinigaw na lang nya hehehe…

s. the 3 minute rain! it happened during dinner and most of the guests had to transfer to the covered area! buti na lang sandali lang ang ulan!! we thought they’d leave but they finished until the program ended.

t. i can’t stop thinking that while everyone was having dinner, i was writing checks (payment for our suppliers hehehe)! right at our table beside my husband who’s busy munching something. hehehhe…

u. the garter toss game which didn’t involve any garter hehehe… siguro it’s best to call it the bachelor’s game. it was hilarious! my coordinator/emcee asked for the guy’s right shoe and put in a big paper bag. she scattered all the shoes somewhere near the buffet table tapos the guys had to run to get their right pair (to which TSG played a fast song to complement their running hehehe). kung sino mahuli, sya yung “it”. Tonyo (richard’s bestman) came in last hehehe..

v. the garter ceremony – since Deborah (the bachelorette) is wearing pants that time, Tonyo has to put the garter in her arm instead — using his mouth (to the tune of “i feel good”) ehehehe…

w. the gifts! natuwa kami with all the gifts we received! nice plates, cutleries, big drinking glasses!!!, pressure cooker!!!! turbo broiler!!!! griller!!!!! (im so excited u would think i cook huh! hehehe) and everything talaga we’re so thankful!

x. the money gifts!! hahahah! we didn’t really expect that we’d receive any money but we’re really thankful! what happened kasi was we had to pay some suppliers on the day of the wedding, it turns out im out of check and out of cash!!! tapos when i counted all the money we received that night, nakahinga ako ng maluwag coz hindi na ko namroblema! kakatuwa! that’s what i call Divine Intervention… whoa!

so there! my fond memories of our wedding! i hope u enjoyed reading coz i had fun reminiscing!