i am the laziest person i know (in the whole wide world).

i get up very early in the morning. around 530am. without even brushing my hair or do what WAS my usual morning ritual, i sit infront of my PC and connect to the internet. i chat with Richard for a while, maybe until 8am (that would be 1am in France). I eat breakfast for 15mins. I go back to the computer. Play freecell (how pathetic). or chat with a friend who’s online. Surf the internet for awhile. Go to my sister’s house and play with my nieces. Take my lunch. Watch GameKaNaBa and try to outwit the studio contestants or curse the stupid ones. Spend the rest of the afternoon channel surfing. Giddilly wait for Frogprince. Take a bath (this is when i will brush my hair for the 1st time the whole day). Sleep. Connect to the internet again. Watch tv. Eat dinner. Sleep.

This has been my new ritual since Richard was away.

Heck, i am even too lazy to think of a title for this entry.

Geez. I need to get my life back soon.