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imagine our excitement when we heard the baby’s heartbeat during my first prenatal check up with my OB! i was like “narinig mo yun ging? narinig mo yun?” and super ngiti lang si richard, probably wondering if it’s a boy, kung kamukha nya, kung kulot din ba, kung chinito din ba, kung pareho din sila ng hairline (heartshaped hehehe)…..

so right now, i am dealing with what a pregnant woman usually have to experience during her pregnancy…. breast changes (bigger and tender! ahehehehe), frequent urination, super sensitive smell, mood swings (i am not the same person im tellin’ yah), oilier skin (ewww… i got pimples all over my face!), stuffy nose, fatigue (uggghhhh…. i am always sleeping!), almost disappearing waistline (huhuhu) … but the good thing is, i dont experience any food cravings or morning sickness! at all!

more preggy kwentos next time! i think i have to take my 9am nap… haaayy….