richard and i are very excited parents to be. sa sobrang excited namin, ngayon palang pinagpaplanuhan na namin ang 1st bday ni baby. hahaha… maybe we got really thrilled after attending a bday party at pixie forest in festival mall yesterday. there were balloon making, bubble show, free ride all u can tickets for kids, games for kids and adults, basta ang saya saya! we plan na when it’s our baby’s 1st bday na, we’ll have face painting, magic show, ice cream, cotton candy… and i would personally shop for the contents of the loot bags!


we were waiting for our buffalo wings take out yesterday (at hindi pa kami nabusog sa party) when it dawned on us that we’re already starting to plan our baby’s 1st bday party when we haven’t even thought of our baby’s name yet! wala kaming maisip na matinong name talaga. we started with the names of our favorite tv characters: gil grissom (csi), warrick brown (csi), jack bauer (24), hugh laurie (house)… hehehe… walang matino. we ended up with nothing.