i am beginning to reinvent myself… from a plain computer-tambay housewife to a plain still- computer-tambay-slash-cook housewife. yes. nagluluto na po ako. 2 days ago, i surprised richard with one of the few dishes i know called “baked talong”. i almost forgot that i am the assigned cook that night and only remembered it when richard got home from work. i can tell from richard’s face that it wasn’t the best dish he tasted with his comments like “sana nilagyan mo ng itlog”. DUH! e hindi naman torta ang niluluto ko no! anyways, sabi naman nya na masarap naman daw. pero lalo daw sasarap kung may itlog. haaaaaaayyyy….

the next time came yesterday, valentines day, and incidentally, richard’s bday. he surprised me yesterday morning kasi when i received a delivery from holland tulips! huwow! how sweet! 12 red tulips! so nagisip ako what to give him and thought of cooking tuna carbonara. i called my bestfriend hazel and asked for the ingredients. medyo may kakaibang twist lang ang version ni hazel because of the cream of mushroom soup. when richard got home, nagluluto pa ko and kita ko na tuwang tuwa sya to just see me in the kitchen. he hardly sees me in the kitchen kasi hehehe… so anyways, he super liked my tuna carbonara! sarap na sarap talaga sya! one thing i liked about my husband is nagsasabi sya ng totoo. if he doesn’t like the taste, he’ll tell you. kaya mas naniwala ako sa kanya nung sinabi nyang masarap ang luto ko hehehe….

hmmmmm ano kaya ang sunod kong lulutuin?