wala lang akong magawa. got this from a w@wie. i think i’ve been tagged before but i think i was too busy then to fill it out. here goes:

A is for Accent: even if i lived in laguna for the longest time, wala parin akong puntong laguena (or whatever u call it). buti na lang. i hate laguna’s diction. panget pakinggan! the reason probably is that i don’t know anyone here hehehe… i am anti-social. hindi ako mahilig mangapit-bahay.

B is for Biggest expense: hmmmmm….. right now im super tipid. i don’t have my own money to spend kasi (hehehe). i am richard’s palamunin (hehehe).

C is for Chore I hate: ayokong magpunas ng dining table with basang basahan. paghugasin mo na ko ng tambak basta ayoko humawak ng basang basahan. hehehe…

D is for Dad’s name: jose aka joe

E is for Essential cosmetic item: body shop liquid blush

F is for Favorite perfume or cologne: my fave perfume has always been sunflower and ck1. pero right now im using richard’s pasalubong from france: burberry which i like also. fave cologne nenuco parin!

G is for Gold or silver: silver.

H is for Hometown: lived in paranaque till 1997 then moved to binan laguna na.

I is for Insomnia: wala.

J is for Job title: plain housewife!

K is for Kids: still on the family way. this is the 1st. not sure pa if girl or boy! hopefully boy! hehehe…

L is for Living arrangements: we have our own house but my parents are staying with us

M is for Mom’s birthplace: pampanga

N is Number of apples you’ve eaten: hehehe…. i’ve been eating a lot of fuji apples lately since i am pregnant.

O is for Overnight hospital stays: thrice: 1. i think i was confined for a month nung 1 yr old palang ako due to broncho pneumonia 2. nung 1st yr highschool ako due to amoebiasis (yak hehehe) 3. nung 3rd yr college ako due to an accident. after that, i had 2 more hospital stays pero sa emergency lang, outpatient lang (thank god!). ung una dahil sa empacho hahahaha ung pangalawa is nung december 2005 lang, nagchill ako ng sobra sobra na halos mukhang im in seizure. scariest experience grabe.

P is for Phobia: wala.

Q is for Quest: To find out and fulfill my mission in life.

R is for Religious affiliation: Roman Catholic

S is for Siblings: 1 older sister – Jho and 1 younger brother – JR

T is for Time I wake up: 630am during weekdays ksi sinasabayan ko si richard ng gising (i usually wake him up)and mga 7am during weekends ksi kailangan naming mag-brisk walking.

U is for Unnatural hair colors I’ve worn: nung 2nd yr college ako, i wore a burgundy (almost close to red) in my super short hair. hehehe…. tapos mga 4yrs ago ata i had my hair dyed to copper. ampanget promise.

V is for Vegetable I refuse to eat: beans

W is for Worst habit: i hate myself for procrastinating. tsaka sometimes i dont finish what i start. i am easily discouraged.

X is for X-rays I’ve had: when i was still working, annually, during company physical exmas

Y is for Yummy foods I make: i’ve only been proud with my carbonara ksi richard loved it! im not much of a cook pero i want to start to learn hehehe… and to bake too!

Z is for Zodiac sign: scorpio.