– spent the holyweek watching 24 season 5, smallville season 5, and desperate housewives with richard and verna. (shame shame hehehe — di man lang nakapagreflect hehehehe).

– sobrang init! for sure our meralco bill with shoot up again (groan)…

– baby is kicking like crazy! but we love it! richard is ecstatic everytime he would feel my belly and the baby would kick.

– i am thinking of a complete blog make over. it looks boring.

– we indulged in an 18 inch newyork’s finest pizza from yellowcab (care of verna — thank you very much) on holy thursday. (shame shame) hehehe..

– did some baby stuff canvassing at robinson’s festival mall last sunday. there’s a baby sale till end of april but there’s not much to choose from.

– been very grumpy for the past week. im not sure if it’s the preggy hormones or something else. hrmmmmm….

– some rant: i will never again have my ink printer refilled! badtrip kasi ang brother, may shortage sila ng stocks! last resort lang talaga ang inkforless e hay naku. grrrrrrrrrr….

– have i told you we’re having our ultrasound this saturday? excitement!!!!

– i will also attend a breastfeeding support group seminar at Asian Hospital this saturday from 9-11am. i am seriously thinking of breastfeeding our baby. (whoa)

– i am also excited coz my 2 nieces are going to be enrolled in a nearby pre-school for this school year.

yun lang. im gonna go finish my desperate housewives marathon now.