– i’ve been religiously reading forums, books and websites regarding babies, childbirth and breastfeeding and im happy im learning a lot! if u are a mom or a dad, or just about to be a mom or a dad, i suggest u do the same to prepare yourself for the coming of the baby. there are a lot of great pinoy forums which caters to the needs and inquiries of first time parents like newlywedsatwork@yahoogroups.com and http://www.pinoyexchange.com. join na! hehehe…

– our breastfeeding support group meeting was postponed to may 20 at asian hospital (free of charge — yipee!). i am really keen on exclusively breastfeeding our baby and i just hope maging successful ako hehehe… i don’t know if i have enough milk to feed our baby or if i can manage to have many sleepless nights hehehe…

– richard and i plan to take a childbirth class starting may 28 (it will run for 4 weekends). im just not sure if it’s lamaze or bradley. im psyching myself for a normal delivery (breath breath breath) pero im not really sure if i have a high threshold for pain (what? no epidural???? awwww!)

– our first 2 baby purchases! crib and a stroller! both have multiple uses. our crib can turn into a playpen when he gets older, it can also be a duyan, it’s portable, it has a changing area, and it has a mosquito net. our stroller naman is reversible, flexible (can be used by both newborn and toddler), has a carrier which can turn into a car seat, and has a sturdy compartment. practical parents, aren’t we?

– we’re going to buy the rest of the baby stuff (newborn essentials only, tsaka na ang mga “nice to have”) on my 8th month. probably on neutral colors lang (white, brown) kasi we decided na surprise na lang ang gender ni baby. during our last ultrasound kasi, naunsyami ang excitement namin ksi mali ang position ni baby kaya ayun di namin nalaman if our baby’s a girl or boy. better nga rin na surprise, it will add more to the excitement! hehehe….

– not so baby stuff: we just saw “The Sentinel” last nyt at ATC. it was hmmm… so-so. the plot is not 24-ish. medyo mababaw. but really delighted to once again see one of my faves Kiefer Sutherland in the big screen woohoo!

ok that’s all for now. more kwentos next time as usual!