here’s what i picked up from verna’s blog:

Who’s the most annoying person in your house?

>> that would be ME — i get so sungit sometimes i don’t know where it’s coming from

Who always shares his/her problems with you?

>> my sister

Do you think you’ve helped them a lot?

>> im not sure hmmmmm… i don’t really know if i give good advice

Do you talk a lot?

>> hmmmm no

What time did you sleep last night?

>> 1030pm (ooops i think that’s pretty late for someone pregnant!)

Who do you miss?

>> my friends coz i haven’t seen them for the longest time 😦

What kind of people do you think are hot?

>> people who are smart and funny and i also like ’em with goaties hehehe

Is it morning or afternoon? or night time?

>>it’s late afternoon

Have you had your breakfast or lunch? or dinner?

>> i’ve had a hearty bfast and a healthy dinner

What type of flower do you like?

>> tulips!

Do you go to the mall with your friends?

>> who doesn’t?

What does your hair look like right now?

>> I cut it really short from the time i knew i was pregnant

Do you hate anyone?

>> oh yeah

Who cooks your meals?

>> inday, sometimes my mom, sometimes (rather once in a blue moon) ME! or richard hehehe

What’s your display name on MSN?

>> i don’t use MSN anymore, im more of a yahoo type of person

Who is this survey from?

>> verna – my SIL

How many of your contacts are online right now?

>> lemme see… 59… most of them i don’t personally know hehehe.. i just knew them from w@w and pex forums

What was the last thing you watched last night?

>> i watched LOST season 1 last night with richard

Are you hungry or full?

>> full — i just ate my oreos

Are you emotional?

>> i used to be

What was the last video clip you saw?

>> you don’t wanna know

What’s the weirdest video clip you’ve seen?

>> it’s so weird you don’t wanna know

Do you like anyone?

>> duh!

Where did you go yesterday?

>> dito lang ako sa bahay

Is yesterday fun?

>> hmmmmmm i’m bored

What about today?

>> b-o-r-e-d but i enjoyed my lost series