i just watched the 2 hr season finale of Amazing Race 9 and im really really happy that the HIPPIES won! woohoooo!!!! i literally jumped and cheered them on while they were trying to beat the fratboys to the last roadblock wherein one team member had to run into a field of 285 flags, find one flag for each of the nine foreign countries they visited on the Race and place them in the order in which they visited them. akala ko mauunahan pa rin sila ng fratboys whew! nakalimutan kong buntis ako at nagtatatalon ako sa tuwa! yahoooo!

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bj & tyler running to the finish line

another reason to jump for joy: Taylor is in the Finals of American Idol!!!! Yahooo! Taylor Hicks has been my bet from the time i’ve seen him in his auditions (kung saan inapi api sya ni Simon hehehe — telling him he’s not someone who’s fit in the stage, pang-back up lang daw sya — although simon thinks his voice is great pero he must have thought na yung epileptic-style of singing ni taylor would not do him any good but it really did in my opinion). Too bad Elliot got the boot. I would have wanted both of them outsing each other in the Kodak Theatre.. Hayyy… Si Katharine kasi parang medyo OA na.

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uban kung uban!