richard, me and verna saw this overhyped film last saturday at festival mall and expectedly, the cinema was packed even if there were like 6 cinemas allotted for da vinci code alone. ang nakakatawa pa, ung mga poster ng davinci code e merong nakalagay na “FICTION ONLY/KATHANG ISIP LAMANG”. duh.

the three of us were’nt expecting that this movie would live up to our expectations even though we waited for like a year for this movie to come out. buti na lang hindi kami masyadong nagexpect or we will be very disappointed. but incidentally, we were disappointed. i was yawning halfway through the movie and i want it to end already. why?

– the movie started out on the wrong foot. The first 3rd of the movie, while true to the book, lacked the essence of excitement of the book. The story looked disjointed, detached, uninspired. So much so, that I was starting to think at that point, what the heck, Ron Howard messed up this one. There were just a lot of loopholes, like those who have not read the book would not understand the Swiss bank President’s role in the incident.

– there were a lot of wasted, exciting scenes, too, in that part of the movie. Like, they weren’t able to capture Sauniere’s desperation when he found out he was the only living person who knew about the secret, & thus had to pass it to someone. Or, when Langdon & Neveu were spirited away on the Swiss Bank’s armored vehicle by the Vernet (the Swiss Bank’s President). Which was really quite a shame, because that part of the book was what kept me reading for hours on end because of the suspense, & puzzles.

– nothing beats the book. the thrill of the chase, the overload of facts, the puzzles to be solved, lahat wala dun sa movie. hindi pa din nabigyan ng justice, baka nga kulang ang 2 hours ++… maganda yung mga historical flashbacks, ganda ng treatment… pero yun lang.

now for the cast:

TOM HANKS – bland acting. not like the tom hanks that we all know and love.

AUDREY TAUTOU – BAD acting. pero ang ganda ng hair nya infairness

IAN MCKELLEN – He undoubtably steals the movie. From the moment his voice comes out of that voice box at the gate, you immediately get drawn in to his performance as Leigh Teabing. IMHO, the best moments of the movie are in Teabing’s mansion and most of the moments that McKellen is on-screen.

PAUL BETTANY – Another thumbs up! The rage… the fanaticism… the sadness… his disturbed mind… it’s all there. Props to Paul Bettany. You could really feel and sympathize with Silas.

ALFRED MOLINA – He’s okay. Alfred Molina was always a good character actor. Hindi lang niya na-showcase masyado dito.

Now, for the ever going debate of the movie as being anti-religion and anti-JC:


Seeing the movie even made me more pissed off at the people who were trying to get it banned! The book was even more aggressive in “attacking” the Roman Catholic Church and JC, for crying out loud.

Yes, the movie did present the theory of JC siring a daughter with Mary Magdalene, along with the theory that there is a Priory of Sion, and it supported it with all the proofs presented in the book. BUT, the movie also paves the way for religious debate more than the book ever did. It even shows Langdon and Teabing having exchanges on which is true: The bible story or the Magdalene story?

In the end of the movie even, Hanks says this line twice: “What matters is what you believe.” It’s a line he said to Sophie, but it applies to everyone. “What matters is what you believe.”