as scheduled, richard and i (along with verna, my SIL) attended the 1st session of Breastfeeding classes held at Asian Hospital last Saturday. It was a very small group, with only 2 mothers to be (me included hehehe) plus the companions and Abbie, our instructor. the lecture turned out to be very casual, para lang kaming nagkukwentuhan. at syempre nagtake down notes ako hehehe… here are some pointers that i would like to share to everyone, especially to those moms who are thinking of exclusively breastfeeding their babies:

– do not feed your baby anything except breastmilk — not even water — until the baby is 6mos old. The breastmilk is composed of 70% water and giving him water will only lessen his demand for your breastmilk.

– breastmilk is gentler to the baby’s digestive system. breastfed babies poo less than those who are formula fed because breastmilk is purely nutrients which is absorbed by the body unlike formula which has other ingredients that is hard to digest.

– the proper breastfeeding position should be baby’s tummy to mommy’s tummy, ears/shoulder/hips aligned, put pillows in your lap for support, never lean, bring baby to breast and not the other way around. Mouth of baby should be open wide (push his chin down), baby’s lips should be pouting (like Angelina Jolie’s) and baby’s mouth should occupy 3/4 of the mommy’s areola and not just her nipples (that would hurt! ouch!)

– don’t pump your breast for the 1st 2wks

– avoid soaping your breasts as early as 7mos in pregnancy.

– babies has enough “nutrients” as baon to last him for days so do not get
discouraged if you feel you are not feeding your baby enough especially for the 1st few days.

– take calcium supplements

– stress prevents milk from coming out so think happy thoughts while breastfeeding. and you can always ask your hubby to give u a massage ;o)

– breasmilk has far more benefits than formula milk. it prevents obesity on your child, breastfed babies rarely gets sick, it’s economical (consumption of formula milk for newborn babies would cost you around P4000 per month, not to mention the bottles/nipples you will buy and the electricity/gas you will consume for sterilizing them), and mommies who breastfeed can go back to their pre-natal weight faster than those who don’t.

i am so looking forward to the next sessions coz i really want to learn everything about breastfeeding. i plan to exlusively breastfeed (no glucose water, no mixing of formula milk) because i want what’s best for our baby. i just really hope that i will have enough patience and energy coz i heard it’s not an easy job. goodluck to me!