Seven things that scare me

death of a loved one. end of the world. not going to heaven. not being a good mother. not knowing my passion in life. accidents. murder.

Seven things i like the most

cuddling with richard. baby kicks. buffet. getting a personal (not just forwarded) email from a friend. getting a personal (not just forwarded) txt msg from a friend. good conversations. uninterrupted internet connection.

Seven random facts about me

i sported all types of hairstyles you could ever imagine (apple, bob, long, short, curly, one length, shaggy, etc..etc..). i never wore my nails super short (as in sagad) ksi nangingilo ako. a lot of people told me i look like the actress who raymart santiago married (haha). i can wiggle my left foot’s shortest toenail independently. i was diagnosed with broncho pneumonia at the age of 3 and stayed for 1 month at the hospital. i was born in the comforts of our home in Baclaran. i was once obsessed with ely buendia.

Seven important things in our bedroom

our queen size bed (c/o my sis hehehe). airconditioner. electricfan. dvd/tv remote control. important documents (bank book, check, passports, etc.). our clothes. tv.

Seven things i plan to do before i die

raise atleast 2 God-fearing and responsible kids. visit all the nice beaches in the philippines. have a successful/rewarding business. help my family financially. renew our vows. tour around the world (i can dream, can’t i?). don a bikini.

Seven things i can do

multi-task. sing. type 100 words per minute using home keys. drive a stick. eat in a restaurant alone. bitch someone worthy of bitching. cook theoretically (hehehe).

Seven things i can’t do

park a car properly. swim (but i can float!). be forgiving (it will take time). bake (not yet). play a musical instrument. ride the space shuttle. act.

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex

a goatie. height. broad shoulders. brains. sense of humor. muscles. nice set of teeth.

Seven things i say the most

si-yet. ging! shocker. di kaya! walang magkakalat! (to my nieces hehehe) po? love mo ko? (to richard)

Seven celeb crushes (whether local or foreign)

hugh laurie. josh holloway. michael rosenbaum. nicolas cage. hugh jackman. keanu reeves. taylor hicks (hhehe)