4 jobs i’ve had in my life

1. part time job at Icon pager – tiga-sagot/key-in ng msgs (this was a fun job until manakawan ako that’s why i had to quit!)

2. sales coordinator at Rohm Electronics

3. Customer Planner at Zilog Electronics

4. senior sales coordinator at AV Concept

~ now im a full time housewife! hehehe… pero planning to be a work-at-home mom!

4 movies i could watch over and over

1. The Cutting Edge

2. It could happen to you

3. Face off

4. The Negotiator

4 places i’ve lived

1. Baclaran – newborn to 2 y.o.

2. Muntinlupa – 3-6 y.o.

3. Paranaque – 7-19 y.o.

4. Binan Laguna – 20 – present

4 tv shows i love to watch

1. Game ka na ba

2. American Idol

3. Amazing Race

4. On foot

4 places i’ve been on vacation

1. Hongkong

2. Davao

3. Cebu

4. Negros

4 websites i visit daily

1. Yahoo to check my mail

2. blogs (mine, friends’, celebs, w@wies/n@wies)

3. Pinoyexchange

4. Yahoogroups

4 of my favorite foods

1. bangus sisig – my specialty hehehe

2. tuna carbonara – my other specialty hehehe

3. anything with mango – shake, cake, etc..

4. mommy’s kare-kare

4 places i’d rather be right now

1. a spa having my nails done and getting a facial massage (but then i don’t have any money!)

2. a beach in bohol or palawan getting a tan (but i’m buntis!)

3. in a mall, shopping for baby stuff and getting free airconditioning hehehe

4. wala na ko maisip!

4 bloggers i’m tagging:

if you’re reading this, tag your self! hehehe…